Book Release

This is the Good Thing was released on October 1. The book can be purchased through amazon in paperback and ebook.

This is the Good Thing - front cover

A World Beyond Home was released on May 3. The book can be purchased at the Regulator Bookshop, as well as through amazon in paperback and ebook.

Why do some students succeed while others do not? After 14 years of teaching, Stuart Albright is finally ready to tackle this question. Albright’s new book, A World Beyond Home, looks at student success through the eyes of two remarkable young people.

George was a drug dealer at age 15. Siddiq was a gang member. Five years later, George was a world-famous spoken word poet, and Siddiq was a college football star whose passion for community service led newspapers to call him “the Gandhi of Delaware.” How did this transformation take place? How did these teenagers succeed while so many of their friends drifted aimlessly into adulthood? A World Beyond Home explores these questions through a behind-the-scenes look at success in an American public school.

As George and Siddiq’s high school English teacher, Stuart Albright watched their lives unfold at a critical stage of their development. A World Beyond Home follows George, Siddiq, and a host of other students who have succeeded (and failed) in Albright’s classroom. Their stories illustrate the major obstacles that students face in a public school, such as poverty, broken families, identity issues, racism, and the daunting challenge of finding a purpose in the larger world.

A World Beyond Home is a call to action for teachers, parents, and an entire generation of students. Success, the book argues, has little to do with ability and everything to do with purpose. All it takes is a spark. The stories of George, Siddiq, and their classmates demonstrate how everyday people can change the world in powerful ways.

Creative Writing 101 was recently released.

CW 101 front cover

Stuart Albright has taught creative writing for more than a decade, drawing regional and national attention to his classroom. In Creative Writing 101, Albright shares the lessons and activities that have inspired thousands of students. This book has something for everyone – the novice as well as the expert, writers both young and old. Creative Writing 101 is packed with over 50 detailed, time-tested activities that will take any writer to the next level. Now available on amazon and kindle