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Bull City follows Sid Ellison, a high school English teacher who lives in the Appalachian Mountains. Sid must return home to Durham to help his brother, Tyrell, who is homeless and has been charged with the murder of a Pakistani woman. As Sid seeks to prove his brother’s innocence, the novel moves from the tobacco factories of Durham to Pakistan and to the inner-city streets of Boston.

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Sidelines is an insider’s look at the fascinating world of high-school football, and, beyond that, it is also about the death and rebirth of the American community. Albright uses football to explore our nation’s complicated history of race and public education and to explain why some communities continue to thrive while others are slowly dying away.

Blessed Returns: A Student's Summer in one of America's Poorest Cities $2.99 Kindle ebook * Print version on Amazon * Print version from publisher * $2.99 Nook ebook * $2.99 all other ebook formats

Camden, New Jersey, is quite possibly the most troubled and dangerous city in America. But a far different story lies beneath this cold surface. It is a story of hope, of voices struggling desperately against deaf ears. In the summer of 1999, a college student named Stuart Albright arrived in Camden full of youthful idealism and a naïve sense of justice. Blessed Returns is the moving, deeply personal account of a young man’s coming-of-age amidst a tumultuous and life-changing summer.